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Our purpose.

The purpose of Growing the Distance Inc., is to promote college readiness by creating mind stimulating activities, providing clubs and promoting character development. Growing the Distance Inc. will strive to cater to the interest of each individual child by taking weekly field trips, providing clubs, daily activities and learning what it means to give back to our community through service learning and volunteerism. Our goal is to incorporate reading, writing, math and science to help our campers embrace academics in a fun way aiding in a healthy transition between summer and the 2019-2020 school year.

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Objectives of our camp!

  •  To build individual character and self-confidence through service learning, academics and teamwork. 
  • To foster personal growth in a highly supportive environment, where students have high expectations of themselves and carry out leadership roles, independently. 
  • To instill lifelong values of good character and responsibility.
  • To have an enriching, unforgettable summer. 
  • To approach each day with a positive attitude and experience each day as a new and exciting adventure. 

What Can campers look forward to?


Academic Enrichment

Lesson plans and activities that are designed to broaden your child's educational experience and encourage advancements in reading, writing and math.

Arts & Crafts

Campers are encouraged to be creative, by using different crafts and resources to create projects, they will be proud of and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Character Education

Campers will learn daily what it means to understand, care about and act on core values such as, honesty, respect, good citizenship, and responsibility. The objective of character education at GTD, is to instill a deep level of good character, so positive behavior is automatic and your campers true character traits shine in the face of adversity. 

Health Awareness

Campers will learn and actively promote physical, mental and social well-being through physical activity, daily affirmations, and socials.

Community Service

Engagement in our community, provides campers an opportunity to become active members of our community. Volunteerism allows campers to make a positive impact, acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as providing service to those in need.

Catered Lunch on Fridays

Fridays just got a lot better!  Lunch will be catered by our local restaurants every single Friday. 



Every week campers will be introduced to a new genre of dance. In addition to dancing, campers will learn the background of each dance genre. 


Cooking club will provide an environment for campers to socialize, be creative, learn cooking skills, prepare food and enjoy eating the results. 


Encourages campers and staff to increase their current amount of physical activity in a fun and team building way. With this club, campers will engage in a new sport every week.


D.I.Y parties!  Campers will have the opportunity to enhance and demonstrate their creative skills using different materials of cloth.


Campers will develop basic skills with the help of a special cheerleading team. (TBA)


Campers will have the opportunity to enhance and demonstrate their creative skills through building.

Daily Activities and Weekly Field Trips

  • Swimming
  • Poetry Basketball
  • Culinary U
  • Bowling 
  • Ingram Farms
  • Movie Theatre

and more.........

Enrollment Application

Enroll your child in a unique, one of a kind summer camp today! 

Upon enrollment, parents/guardians will receive additional information regarding, field trips and other pertinent information. 

Enrollment application may be scanned or saved as a file and turned in via email. 

Enrollment Application (pdf)